My Favorite Reviews on the New Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

This reimagined site for Photography By Heart, previously hosted on my Adobe Creative Cloud space, found it’s way to this new home on the day Olympus announced the latest version of their flagship camera, the OM-D E-M1 Mark III. OM-D cameras are mirrorless four-thirds sensor cameras made by Olympus of Japan. The E-M1 model is a particular high-end enthusiast/professional grade camera noted for it’s unequaled weather sealing, image stabilization and small but rugged frame to mention just a few of my favorite attributes.

Here are my favorite reviews and YouTube reviews that I’d happily recommend to anyone with an interest in photography. They are worthwhile both for their entertainment value as well as their accurate, lucid and balanced explanations of the key features that make such a camera worthy of a photographer’s attention.

First, the two best introductions, in my opinion, that simply inform without reviewing and enlighten while holding my interest to the point I’m sorry it’s not longer:

  1. Joe Edelman’s YouTube introduction. Joe is an Olympus Visionary specializing in commercial photography and I love his style. Joe is the kind of guy, and I suspect his wife is just like this, who, if you were lost in New York City and they were dining at a cafe, would gladly get up and walk you across the street if necessary to point you in the right direction giving extremely clear directions before going back to their meal. Totally unpretentious and others-focused.
  2. Chris Eyre-Walker’s Break Free 4k short film is hands down the most care-free and professionally scripted short intro to a product I’ve seen. Chris also has a wonderfully casual but direct way of communicating and telling you what he sees or feels about something that’s both genuine and informative for others. Check it out.

Next, my two favorite non-review reviews; that is, they each use a different approach to explain and demonstrate features that gives someone an understanding of how these features actually work in the real world.

  1. Robin Wong’s 8 More Improvements & Upgrades On Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark III is only 14 minutes long but covers easily overlooked things about the camera that could be critical in helping someone make a better judgement as to the importance of the camera for them once they’ve read the specs or maybe used older versions for some time. It’s especially helpful for the experienced Olympus or mirrorless photographer, in my opinion, who may wonder how the new features could impact what they’re already doing successfully with their current gear.
  2. Chris Eyre-Walker’s Real-World, In-Depth Review 4k using real world applications and how it affected the recent short film (see above) called Break Free. Watch that before watching this. Comparisons with the current E-M1X body and the E-M1 Mark II that it replaces will help photographers understand better how the different cameras perform in a wide range of situations.

Finally, those good spec reviews that really do cover the main features of the camera from DPReview and Photofocus, two of my favorite places to check for information regarding gear, especially.

  1. DPReviews’, Olympus E-M1 III hand-on review using the camera in Costa Rica and basically having a great time while doing it.
  2. Photofocus’ Bryan Esler’s An in-depth look at the new Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III is a very well written review. I love written reviews better than YouTube review, frankly. This is a well done review by Bryan who is an accomplished photographer in his own right, extremely familiar with Olympus cameras, and has had the camera for a few weeks to put it through its paces in a number of ways. It’s a very objective review in my opinion. If I were giving a test, most of the questions would have answers noted in this review. So read it. There won’t be a test. Not yet!

That’s all I’m going to post here. I don’t own the camera and haven’t given it much thought yet. I’m not an early adopter of technology updates these days as I am much more interested in taking photos than diving into camera settings but there will come a time when I may need to replace a camera and I can’t think of any I’d rather have if I were to replace one today.

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