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The not-so-secret lesson to improving as a photographer

Photography is best learned when it is enjoyed.

It is best learned quickly when it is enjoyed often.

When I speak to groups on photography or even one on one, my main topic deals with enjoyment of the photographic process and how to maintain that joy. The reasons may seem obvious but really, the primary reason for this is that we learn tasks and progress much more rapidly in any craft or profession when we also enjoy it. And the best way to learn photography is by doing it frequently. The more we delight in the activity, the more quickly our photography can improve.

Looking back in the decade 2010 through 2019, ten years, I made photographs on 2,765 days, or an average of 276.5 days every year. In the last half of the decade, I shot an average of 298.6 days per year.

So far in 2020 I have shot 61 days. I doesn’t even feel like I’m shooting all that often. It’s a pretty natural occurrence in my routines and I always have a camera with me whether I intend to photograph something or not.

To improve at a craft like this, it does require lots of practice and willingness to experiment and fail or fall short of the goal over and over again.

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