I’m Jeff McPheeters, or Jeffrey McPheeters if you prefer the full name. I am, among other descriptions, a free lance photographer living in rural northeastern Kansas. You may already know this and a lot more and are here to see what new tips, ideas, how-tos, or recommendations I have shared since the last time you came. As of today, February 12, 2020, that’s a short list. This is the opening day of this new site. Here’s the deal.

I’ve been active with photography for a large chunk of my 64 years whether as a side hobby or adjunct to work I’ve been doing in other fields but in the past decade I’ve gotten quite serious with it to the point I do get asked now and then to speak, to help tutor, to teach a class, or to be interviewed concerning various activities related to the craft of photography.

I’m generally happy to share what knowledge or tips I happen to think would be helpful, since most anything I can share was at some point shared with me by someone else. Passing it on, as it were, seems reasonable. Being asked to do a session for family portraits isn’t much different for me than spending an hour or two teaching camera techniques or editing workflows or critiquing one’s photographs. But it’s time consuming and is limited by our schedules and availability.

So this site has been stewing in my mind for some time now as a way to accomplish a couple of things, hopefully. First, it’s to serve as a resource for my fellow photography friend to glean for yourself, from whatever thoughts I might share, helpful and valuable knowledge and wisdom in this craft that is designed ultimately to increase your own enjoyment and satisfaction. In a nutshell: to help prevent you from stalling and burning out.

Secondly, however, it could be a way to generate connections with you and others like you and me who want to explore, improve, find purpose and meaning in this craft, and perhaps, ultimately, to become more fulfilled or accomplished as photographers. To do that, it takes more than mental skill, more than technical know-how, and more than luck and perseverance. It takes heart.

And so I call this Photography by Heart and it’s about becoming so in tune with the craft that is bigger than any one person that it becomes a more natural expression of our interaction with events, people, places, and things as we journey through life. Hopefully, a process whereby the technical and arcane attributes necessary to making memorable photos will become less worrisome and cumbersome and, indeed, become somewhat intuitive and natural to us. That’s the goal and the reason for this site: to help discover that process or approach that will make the lifelong pursuit of memorable photographs more and more a joy and less and less a chore.